What makes us tick?

Human emotions, motivations, and aspirations simply called drives, are the foundation upon which thought processes, decisions and actions are based.

Drives are to a certain degree important for all humans. They are coping strategies for people to pursue an integrated approach in order to: a) Secure the species, b) Minimize feelings of inferiority, c) Maximize feelings of satisfaction. Interrelated, they lead to happiness.

Scientific research, executed by Kim Cramer and Alexander Koene, to understand the emotive relation between brands and people revealed five clusters of drives: Basics, Self development, Ambition, Vitality and Attraction. This resulted in the creation of their 23plusone base model.

The better a brand simultaneously triggers drives from the five clusters, the higher the brand appeal. A brand that triggers unexpected combinations of drives, deviating from category conformity, will increase in brand appeal.

People who succeed in activating more drives in their lives are happier. An organization culture that activates more drives is more positive and more attractive. The more clusters people and cultures activate, the happier they are.

An explanation in a article about the value of exploring intrinsic motivation.

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