Changing our beliefs

Why do some people fall apart in face of setbacks, while others turn their failures into success?

Why are some people obsessed about proving themselves, while others can laugh at and learn from their mistakes? The key difference is in their mindset.

The fixed mindset is the belief that your qualities cannot be changed. Since you believe these qualities are a permanent part of who you are, you feel the need to constantly prove yourself. The growth mindset is the belief that your qualities can be changed and nurtured through effort. You believe that people may be born with different gifts, interests, or temperaments, but everyone can change and grow through experience and practice.

The good news is, mindsets aren’t permanent and can be changed, you can choose what you believe. You also don’t have the same mindset all the time. It’s about creating awareness of the two mindsets and their impact, so you can make a conscious choice on what to change in your best interest.

Some insights given in the book "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success", by Carol Dweck. The way we see ourselves affects all aspects of our lives.

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